Headingley Class Presentation 2019

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36E220B1On Wednesday 27th March 2019 Headingley Class gave their class presentation. Parents & carers, family and friends were welcomed into school to see what the pupils have been working on this term.

The pupils spoke about all of the amazing things they have done this term. They explained about the fantastic stories they have written, they gave a demonstration of the measuring skills they have learned, also talking about the different kinds of rocks they have studied.

Headingley pupils also asked the parents & carers in attendance about their favourite chocolate bars to demonstrate the work they have done on choices this term in PSHE. They then counted to twenty in German!

To finish the presentation Headingley showed the audience a video of them performing one of the songs from their musical topic from ‘Heroes of Troy’.

Headingley gave an amazing presentation and made Mr Butterworth and Miss Sheardown very proud.