Sandon win 3rd Place at the Lincolnshire Show!

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20190619 125226This year Horticulture Class went to the Lincolnshire Show on the 19th and 20th June.

Pupils have worked throughout the year on the chosen topic of ‘My Eco School’ to create a display and presentation about all of the things we do at Sandon to be eco-friendly.

On the Wednesday we arrived and set up our display stand. Lots of people came to have a look, and enjoyed our interactive section where they could plant a bean seed in recycled materials, showing that we use eco-friendly methods in our gardening work.

Once set up, we had a walk around some of the Showground and enjoyed seeing the different stands and getting some freebies! We had a picnic lunch and then it was time for our presentation to the judges. Four of our pupils read out a script that we had prepared alongside a PowerPoint presentation which the whole class had helped with. The pupils spoke clearly to explain how we had completed our project work. We told the judges how we had completed an audit around school to see what we already do, and how we used this towards achieving our Eco Schools Green Flag Award.

The pupils told the judges all about our different resources and activities we had done that are linked to the Eco themes. We showed them our display board, that we had made ourselves using a recycled cardboard box, and our homemade table cloth that we had made from newspaper to fit in with the project theme. After the presentation, the pupils invited the judges to plant a bean seed and showed them all of our folders full of Eco work and our pictures on the display. The pupils presented themselves well, and were very thorough in making sure the judges saw everything they had done! The judges gave some positive feedback and were impressed at how much we do at Sandon to be eco-friendly.

After our presentation, we had a celebratory ice cream and then headed back to school.

On the Thursday we arrived and went to our display to make sure it was still looking good, and saw that some more people had planted seeds in our interactive section. We had another wander around the Showground and enjoyed doing some different activities, including painting our own piggy bank!

We looked at the different machinery and saw some of the animals. After another picnic lunch we got ready for the Awards Presentation. We were judged in the Special Schools’ category and there were 6 schools involved in total. We placed third and were really pleased with the hard work we had put in! After the Awards, we had another celebratory ice cream and bought some treats for the rest of the class before we packed up and headed home.

The pupils all had a great time and were so well behaved, a real credit to the school! 

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