GANF Bake Off 2019!

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1The Great GANF Bake returned to Sandon School at the end of June and this time it was the battle of the lemon sponge!

This year on 27th June Sixth Form pupil Georgia Broomfield battled it out out against Sandon Headteacher Stela Plamenova, to see who was the queen of the Lemon Sponge!!

Georgia was assisted by Ebony and former GANF Bake Off champion Michael Cherry. Stela was assisted by Frances Swinnock, who is very experienced in Sandon Hospitality.  

For both Georgia and Michael this will be the last time they are involved in the Sandon Bake Off as they are both school leavers this year.  

The judging panel and official taste testers this year were C.I.T Safeguarding Lead Seriena Hodder and again, Governor Pauline Brownlow, who were both really looking forward to the Bake Off. 

Seriena said, “I just want to say a massive thank you for allowing me to be a judge at this year’s Bake Off! What a wonderful morning and the cakes were beautiful and delicious! May this long continue and become a GANF tradition!! Well done!”.

Joining Seriena in the taste test was Pauline Brownlow, Pauline said, “What a wonderful morning it was! I thoroughly enjoyed being involved with the Bake-Off and am very grateful to you for inviting me to be part of it again this year.

I was most impressed with how well Georgia coped with the pressure of the competition. It must have been very hard for her to concentrate on following a recipe and measuring out ingredients etc, knowing that the clock was ticking and that there was only one chance to get everything right.

Added to that, although the other pupils there were supportive, Georgia was still having to participate in the competition in front of an attentive audience. I also felt that Frances and Ebony played a very important part in the Bake-Off, assisting the bakers and making their job a little easier.

Both cakes were amazing and certainly achieved the 'Wow' factor! It was difficult from a judging point of view to separate them when it came to the various criteria, (taste, texture, smell and presentation), and the marks were extremely close. However, Georgia beat Stela by a few marks and became the 2019 Bake-Off Champion! She gave a very touching little speech at the end, even more poignant because she has come to the end of her time at Sandon. I'm sure she has a great future ahead of her.”

2During the morning, another pupil, Josh, did a great job asking questions of the participants and judges while the competition was in progress, and the horticulture students were a superb audience, offering support and encouragement. All this added to the atmosphere and excitement!

Ebony played an important part in the winning team, but Frances should be congratulated too for the dignified way in which she accepted defeat. She was very positive in what she took from it all and seemed very pleased for Georgia. Everyone involved in the competition appreciated Stela having time to take part, as that made it even more special for the pupils. It was a very successful morning, and one that was fun for everyone.

A special thank you to Harvey, for all her hard work in planning and preparing so the pupils could participate.

Georgia commented, “It was a great experience and it was fun! I enjoyed doing the Bake Off with Stela and I felt amazing and proud that I am the champion for 2019!”

This marks a brilliant end to Georgia’s last year at Sandon as she leaves us and continues her journey at Grantham College.

To view a video of the morning please go to

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