German Exchange Trip 2019

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kbzo stiftung logoPupils from both Sandon and Ambergate have again taken part in the annual German Exchange Trip with our partner school KBZO.

The trip started with a very early meeting at Ambergate, leaving for the airport at 6am!

Day 1

We made it safely to Stansted and then explored the airport and played games. When we landed in sunny Memmingen, we took our first group photo and spent our evening exploring Weingarten and having our first meal out.

We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

germanyDay 2

After an introduction to KBZO School, we saw the apple tree that was planted to mark the 10-year anniversary of our schools partnership. We then split into three groups to explore the school and the surrounding area. Some of us took part in an English lesson, whilst others enjoyed making traditional German noodles!

Another group went to the bike repair shop at the school. We were shown around the repair shop, and we then got the chance to join in and take a bike apart!

Our final group went to a local farm to see some animals. They had a fantastic morning petting the animals and learning their names in German.

We had lunch at school then went for a town trail around Weingarten. We enjoyed some ice cream after our walk and came back to the apartment for a barbecue in the sun!

A very busy but very fun day.

germany2Day 3

Robert, Jacob and Miss Dier were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit a farm today. The owner, Mali, couldn’t have been more welcoming and took time showing us all her beautiful animals but in particular a chick that had hatched that very morning (an experience we were so excited about).

We were also welcomed to join an 18-year-old birthday morning where we ate some delicious cakes. It was an unforgettable experience in beautiful gardens with the friendliest people and animals.

Another group joined a woodwork lesson and enjoyed making pen-holders.

Another group took part in English and PE lessons. Our friends at KBZO let us play on their huge trampoline and we didn't want to get off!

Our final group met their German pen pals for breakfast then joined in a PE lesson. We played dodgeball together but at the end of the lesson, it was the teachers' turn to be the target! After PE, we had a tour of the school with Kirsten and then we all met up for lunch to talk about our mornings.

During the afternoon, we went to Ravensburg for a town-trail and to visit the toy museum. The town trail was great and we even got to dip our feet in the water from the local creek. We all enjoyed exploring the toy museum, there were lots of toys and books to play with. Some pupils decided to buy souvenirs and practice their German while paying!

Well done to everyone, what a fantastic day 😊

germany3Day 4

Today we went to Spieleland! We went down the water slide and had fun on the spinning hippos. We played in the labyrinth and went for a high-speed run on the toboggan course. After lunch, we went to the top of the tower to look out across the park and went to the water area to play.

When we got back, the pupils had loads of energy left so they played games and then helped to make dinner. It was delicious, they did an amazing job, and after dinner, two of the adults were so full they had to have a lie down!

Another amazing day in sunny Germany.

We had some free time in the evening and decided to use it for a little pampering! The girls had their hair dried, brushed and curled and the boys used gel to look smart for tonight's meal. Everyone enjoyed getting dressed up 😊

germany4Day 5

We woke up to thunderstorms today and they barely stopped. Miss Dier and Kaitlin loved it, the others weren't so sure. The pupils spent some time doing their puzzles and Kate couldn't resist joining them. We then decided to take the chance to visit the Hymer Caravan Museum, where we explored old and new caravans and interacted with games. Of course, we took every opportunity for a photo and even got to dress up and ‘travel’ around the world. Mr Butterworth (according to Shannon) was in his absolute element!

We had a snack of Bretzels for lunch as we knew we had a nice dinner out planned for the evening. Courtney came up with the fabulous idea to curl the girl’s hair and we were soon all involved and enjoying a good laugh. Our dinner at the Italian restaurant was greatly appreciated by everyone and it is safe to say we all ate far too much but left for our accommodation more than happy. 

Children and staff have well and truly turned into a well-balanced team filled with giggles and individual adorable traits.

germany5Day 6

Today we went to the Welfenfest, a parade through the centre of Weingarten. The pupils watched all kinds of interesting floats come past. Jacob even spotted a train!

After the parade we visited the fun fair and had our lunch. When we had finished, some of the pupils decided to go shopping and some decided to go to the fair. Mr Butterworth and Courtney had to be really brave as Shannon and Kaitlin were daredevils and went on all the biggest rides! William went to the fair too and showed off his hook a duck skills and won himself a tiger.

On the shopping front, Robert and Sabrina found themselves with some nice new items but Miss Dier nearly walked out of the store without paying for her new rucksack, what an accident!

In the evening the pupils made their own pizzas to finish off another excellent day in Germany.

germany6Day 7

Today we joined the KBZO pupils on their sports day where we released some energy smashing peas with a hammer as well as other fun activities. It was nice to see some sun too after a rainy day yesterday. 

The children's favourite part was spending the rest of their pocket money on souvenirs and toys. Luckily, we could convince Jacob that a new chip fryer would not be allowed on the plane tomorrow. 

The afternoon was spent packing and playing games, before we met some of the German teachers for our last evening meal.

germany7Day 8

Look who we met at the airport - Ambergate's old head boy Ollie Roy with his dad! The children enjoyed listening to his memories about the German trip a few years ago. Ollie and his Dad have been following our trip via the GANF website. They were thrilled to see us. What a great moment to capture. Ollie can't wait to see his photo on Facebook after all this time. Ollie, the Ambergate team say a big hello to you!! Mr Ellis said to come and visit us in school!

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