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On Wednesday 2nd of October selected pupils from Horticulture Class and Ash Class visited Lincolnshire Showground to take part in Construction Day. A group of pupils went last year and had a great time, so we were excited to see what we would be learning this year!

The event is run by Lincoln Group Training Association (LGTA), CITB and Lincolnshire and Rutland EBP and is a career taster event for schools across Lincolnshire to introduce them to the construction industry.

We arrived at the Lincolnshire Showground Epic Centre and were all given a Hi-Viz vest that we could keep! We were shown where to keep our belongings and where we would have lunch, and then after a quick break we were taken to our first activity.

Our first activity was bridge building. We were split into two teams and had to build a bridge using cable suspension that met in the middle. The team leading this activity were very informative and showed us how suspension bridges can be made. Some great team work was shown by the pupils as we had to carry the parts and connect them to the bridge frame before attaching the cables. After we had built our bridge we checked its strength by walking across it!

construct13After lunch we went to a different activity run by North Kesteven Landscaping. We were split into three groups for this activity, and each took a turn at laying turf, planting shrubs and laying membrane before covering it with wood bark. The Horticulture pupils showed off the skills they have learnt in class and enjoyed planting the shrubs. Laying the turf was fun too, and it looked great when we had finished! Once we had all taken part in each activity, the team leading the activity showed us how to use a fork-lift, which we all found really fun!

Our final activity was Joinery and this was led by a team of students and their tutor from Lincoln College. We had to use a saw to cut a strip of wood into a roof rafter! We used a template to outline our rafter, and then worked with the students from the College to saw the wood into the correct shape. After this, we placed our rafters on a wooden frame and drilled them into place to secure. We were really pleased with this activity and we were able to take our pieces home!

We had a great day at Construction Day and learned lots of new skills whilst trying out activities we have never done before!


Day 1

Wembley Class attended a Construction Trip on Tuesday 1st October as part of Construction Week at Lincolnshire Showground. Sixteen different workshops ran with construction activities including; joinery, plastering, plumbing, building, painting and decorating, all held by professionals in the field.

Wembley Class took part in plumbing, plastering and block paving workshops throughout their day. In all workshops the pupils learnt valuable new skills from the professionals and then put these skills to the test whilst using their most effective team work! 

All pupils were taught how to prepare their plaster and apply it to their own individual walls. The majority of pupils commented on how this made their arms ache and were grateful that they did not have to practice this for an hour like some of the tradesmen were made to do when they were learning! Despite being one of the messier workshops all pupils engaged in the task and the professionals recognised natural skill within the group! 

The block paving sessions appeared to be a common favourite. All of the pupils were shown how to lay bricks and continue a brick pattern as part of a path. The class split into two teams, a brick passing team and a brick paving team, and then swapped to ensure they had a go at each job. The class showed exceptional team work and dedication throughout this task despite the torrential rain and having very cold hands! The progress the class made on the path was incredible and this path is going to be a permanent fixture of the show ground which all of Wembley Class can proudly say they played a part in building!!! 

The final session of the day and perhaps the most complex was the plumbing workshop. Pupils answered questions about different pipes that are used in plumbing and all pupils had an attempt at bending a pipe with specialist equipment and using a drill to secure a plumbing board. All of the pupils were very mature and sensibly used the complex equipment to complete the task.

The Construction Trip was a big success for Wembley Class and it was great to see the pupils get stuck in and see glimmers of future trading potential! 

construct14Day 2

On Thursday 3rd October some of Miss Clarkes DT group attended Construction Day.

The event had many different workshops and the DT group were able to participate in some really interesting and fun interactive activities. They learnt about the importance of Health & Safety, and about land survey, and really enjoyed the hands-on experiences of block paving, clay tile making, plastering, painting and decorating, joinery and electrics.

During the day, our pupils were lucky enough to take part in the Heritage Block Paving Workshop, the paving that they laid will be left at Lincolnshire showground for visitors to see in the future!

The pupils really enjoyed taking part in all of the activities and worked really well as a team. We spent the afternoon with the trade teaching team and some of their students from Lincoln College and found them extremely helpful, encouraging our pupils to learn new skills and get the most out of the experience.

Well done to all those who attended, all of the workshop leaders commented on their good behaviour, enthusiasm and how well they had listened, learned and engaged with the day.

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