LEGO® Therapy at GANF

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legoGANF now has two staff members fully trained to deliver LEGO® Therapy to pupils.

Mrs Capindale from Ambergate, and Liz Kennedy-Short from Sandon, both now hold weekly sessions of the therapy at each site, and it is proving to be extremely beneficial.

LEGO® Therapy is an intervention that has begun to emerge in schools to help children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with their social communication difficulties. This intervention employs the use of three key roles ‘Engineer’, ‘Builder’, and ‘Supplier’, to build a model together using LEGO® bricks. This is facilitated by a trained adult, although child led, to allow the children a means of developing their social communication skills.

Harry T, a GANF pupil, said, “Lego Therapy is really great, it has helped me with my confidence. I enjoyed building the models and working as a team”.

Kaitlyn W, another GANF pupil said, “I have Lego at home and use it help keep me calm. I play with it to help get my anger out, and it lets my stress out too. I have loved doing Lego Therapy”.

GANF staff have the opportunity to nominate pupils they feel might benefit from the therapy.