Hampden Class visit the Jorvik Viking Centre, York

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YorkOn Monday 2nd December Hampden class visited the Jorvik Viking Centre. In Topic we have explored how the Viking’s lived and what they used to wear. The visit to the Viking centre helped the pupils to imagine this.

First, we learnt how the Vikings arrived in England. The pupils listened to a tour guide confirm what they had been learning about the Vikings sailing from overseas from a country we now know as Scandinavia.

We went on a ride back in time to explore what Viking York was like. It was a sensory experience which flew us over the earth where the Vikings lived. There was no concrete or tarmac in sight! All of the stops on the ride gave us lots of information and most of the model people moved and spoke, to make it more realistic.

We met the Smith and his son, who were important members of the Viking society.  All other crafts and industries relied on the Smiths to provide weapons, tools, fixtures and fittings. We met a leather worker and understood the importance of her job, which was to provide leather footwear.

We saw a lady working the loom and listened to the information. We heard that spinning, weaving and dyeing, took place in homes across Coppergate. Shears, wool combs and spindle whorls, used for spinning out woollen thread, were found scattered across the building plots. Wool was probably cleaned inside the houses as many sheep lice were found in excavations.

Then we arrived back at present day and saw a skeleton that had been excavated, and a very large coprolite (a fossilised poo). This showed us what the Vikings food habits were like and what they were infested with.

Finally, we had one last stop, which was with a Viking who taught us how the combs the Vikings used were made from deer antlers. They used them not only to look smart but to get rid of nits!

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much. Well done Hampden class!

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