Mrs Newcombe Retires!

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JNMrs Newcombe has been a TA at GANF for 34 years and today is her last day working with us, as she begins her retirement.

To celebrate, we held a special assembly where Mr Ellis presented her with gifts, flowers and cards from all of the pupils and staff team. Mrs Newcombe opened the largest present, as everyone looked on baffled as to what was inside. To her surprise, was a beautiful sundial for her garden, she was thrilled!

It was a very emotional morning with lots of tears from everyone.

Mrs Newcombe said of her time at GANF, “I started 34 years ago for 3 weeks just to help out and I have been here ever since! It has been such a pleasure working here. I have been faced with many challenges and changes of the years, there have been a few different heads of school within that time. I have seen so many pupils start and see them through to their leaving date. I think the key to being a good TA is to always be organised and honest with the pupils. When Mr Ellis first started as a teacher, I was his TA and I even taught him how to iron! I really enjoy teaching people about life skills!”

Mr Ellis said, “Mrs Newcombe has been an excellent member of staff throughout her 34 years. Her long standing service has been invaluable to the pupils of GANF. She will be greatly missed and we are looking forward to her coming back to visit us in the future”.

Mrs Newcombe has lots of family time planned and card making, and a mini cruise to look forward to in June!

We wish her all the happiness in her retirement and hope that she visits us regularly. She will be massively missed by us all!

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