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Ofsted Inspectors heap praise on GANF staff

Passion for giving young people the best start in life is what led Grantham Additional Needs Federation to earn an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted grade for both Ambergate Sports College and Sandon School this year.

Teaching staff have worked hard to make the schools the best they can be, earning ‘outstanding’ in every element.

The grade is a big boost to Sandon School as its last inspection back in March 2010 it was graded as ‘satisfactory’ overall.

Executive head of both schools Peter Bell, who was himself praised by Ofsted inspectors as being “highly ambitious for the achievement of the pupils”, said he was pleased that the hard work of the GANF team had been recognised.

He added: “We are doing this job because our pupil’s face a number of challenges from the word go, and we feel that education should support them and give them as many advantages as is within our want to do. So that’s our mission statement, that every second that we are engaged with our pupils should be valuable, inspiring and personal to them.”

To achieve an improved education for pupils, the curriculum was restructured, an investment was made into equipment at both schools and staff were given the tools to deliver higher quality lessons.

ofsted-100As a result, Ofsted inspectors found that “the pupils learn at an ever faster rate since the last inspection. The sixth form is outstanding and students make exceptionally good progress here because they spend an increasing amount of time applying their skills in real-life and adult situations” and that the school offers a “caring, supportive environment where all pupils feel safe and behave well and make exceptional progress both academically and socially”.