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Twickenham Class Presentation                              

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At the beginning of term we started a new scheme to give children from each class the opportunity to show their parents and carers exactly what they are learning during their school day.

We have piloted this scheme in Twickenham Class at Ambergate and it has been a great success.

Parents and Carers came into school for a morning to meet GANF staff and were then given a presentation from their child’s class.

The pupils from Twickenham class showed parents all about what they have been learning this term.  They impressed with ICT Presentations that they had put together themselves, showed off their map reading skills in Geography, and delivered a presentation about the history of Trains in Britain. Parents were even lucky enough to watch a play the children learned in Religious studies.

It was a wonderful morning and the parents/carers were thrilled to get an insight into the school day.

Parents, Mr & Mrs Mitchell said, “We found the Twickenham presentation very interesting as we could see what Jamie was doing in class. We think it helped Jamie to talk out in a small group and build his confidence, as we know he would not be able to do that if there was a big audience. It was also nice to be involved with what our children are doing at school and we know Jamie enjoyed us coming in.”

We intend to roll this scheme out across the whole Federation and aim to run three class presentations every half term. So look out for your child’s class presentation in the near future!

We look forward to welcoming you into school very soon…..