Letters Home 2019


Christmas Card Delivery - 2nd December

Attendance - 28th November

Leamington Class Changes - 27th November

Sickness Sandon - 27th November

Elite 11 - 26th November

Sports Afternoon Gosberton House Academy - 26th November

Unable to Attend Open Day - 25th November

Art Gallery Reminder - 22nd November

Christmas Festivities - 21st November

Foodbank Visit - 18th November

Photography Studio Sandon - 18th November

Hand, Foot & Mouth - 15th November

Trent Bridge Yorkshire Wildlife Park - 14th November

Trent Bridge Face Painting - 14th November 

We Say No to Bullying - 11th November

GCSE Contingency - 8th November

Hampden Class York Trip - 6th November 

Dance Festival Letter 1 & Letter 2 - 6th November

Lincoln Life Museum - 4th November 

IntoFilm Festival - 1st November

GCSE Mock Exam Week - GCSE PUPILS ONLY - 1st November

Sandon Parent Morning Letter 1 & Letter 2 - 31st October

Stamford College Visit - 30th October

Art Gallery Sandon - 30th October

Children in Need - 30th October

Oak Class Changes - 14th October

Beech Class Changes - 14th October

Restart a Heart Day - 10th October

Dance Festival - 8th October

Parent Morning Ambergate - 7th October

Mental Health Awareness Week - 4th October

Football Match Letter - 4th October

Term Date Amendments & Term Dates 2019/2020 - 2nd October

Harvest Festival Sandon & Ambergate - 1st October

Geography Field Trip - 30th September

Sharing Information with Grantham College - 27th September

Gosberton House Sports Afternoon - 27th September 

Photography Studio - 27th September 

Behaviour Plans - 23rd September 

Construction Week Letter 1 & Letter 2 - 23rd September 

Post 16 Evening Ambergate & Sandon - 23rd September

Jeans for Genes Day - 18th September

Food Tech Lessons Sandon - 17th September

Residents Letter - 16th September

After School Club Place Yes & No - 16th September

Acceptance Letter for Filming - 13th September

Communication Passports - 12th September

PLIMS - 11th September

IEP - 11th September

Travel & Tourism Trip - 11th September 

Construction Day Letter 1 and Letter 2 - 11th September

Sandon Choir Bridge Project - 10th September 

Hyrdrotherapy Photo Permssion & Additional Kit - 9th September

Ash Consent for Outdoor Learning - 6th September

Sandon Welcome & Update - 6th September

Consent for filming - 5th September 

Trent Bridge Police Station Visit - 5th September 

After School Club Ambergate - 5th September 

Interventions - 3rd September

Building Work - 19th July

ACF - 19th July

PE Kit - 12th July

Sports Day Ambergate & Sandon - 4th July

Wyndham Park Water Play - 2nd July

RSE Ambergate & Sandon Lower & Sandon Upper - 27th June

Book Sale - 25th June

School Council - 24th June

Leavers Assembly Ambergate - 21st June

Year 3 FSM - 19th June

International Day Activities - 18th June

Sandon School Update - 21st May 

Belton House Trip Silverstone - 21st May

Little Jacks Farm Pear - 17th May

International Week Support - 14th May

Personal Learning Intention Maps - 14th May

Parent Morning Appointment - 13th May

German Exchange Overdue Payment - 10th May

Leavers Prom - 8th May

Temporary Reception Letter - 3rd May

Study Leave Ambergate - 3rd May

Silverstone Class Presentation - 3rd May

Sandon Class Letter - 2nd May

Implementation Letter - 1st May

Oval Class Trip - 1st May

Midsummer Night Performance - 1st May

Sandon Options Evening - 1st May

Sandon Open Day Letter 1 and Letter 2 - 1st May

Little Jacks Farm Beech - 1st May

Sandon Leavers & Service - 30th April

Trent Bridge Skegness Trip - 30th April

Workhouse Visit - 29th April

Chicken Pox at Sandon - 29th April

Head Lice at Ambergate - 26th April

Construction Therapy - 25th April

SPARK Festival - 25th April

Sports Day Change at Ambergate - 24th April

Ambergate Parent Morning - 23rd April

Ambergate Book Fair - 23rd April

Sickness Bug Sandon - 28th March

D of E Practice - 28th March

Sandon Options Evening - 27th March

Forest School Letter - 22nd March

Germany Trip Passport Letter - 22nd March

Multi Sports After School Club Ambergate - 22nd March

Letter Re: Beaumanor Wembley - 19th March

CSE - 15th March

Risk Assessment Sandon - 15th March

Red Nose Day GANF - 13th March

Uni Presentation - 11th March

Bike Rack and Bottles at Sandon - 11th March

Beaumanor Oval - 8th March

ECO Day Sandon - Ambergate - 8th March

IEP's - Sandon - 6th March

Options Evening - 27th February

Music Festival Sandon Choir - 27th February 

Class Presentations - Oval - Headingley - Wembley - Trent Bridge - Twickenham -  27th February

Multi Sports After School Club - 27th February

Happy Puzzle Company - 26th February 

Apple Class Letter - 25th February

Lunch Money - CIT - 14th February

NCS Letter - 14th February

Table Top Cricket - 14th February

Hydrotherapy Photo Permissions - 14th February

World Book Day - Sandon - Ambergate - 12th February 

Fairtrade Cake Sale Sandon - 12th February

Trent Bridge Trainee Teacher - 12th February

Table Top Cricket - Ambergate - Sandon - 11th February

NCS Sandon - 7th February

Shingles Ambergate - 1st February

Hyrdrotherapy Photo Permission - 1st February

Sports Afternoon - 21st January

McDonalds Work Place Visit - 21st January

Swimarathon - 18th January

Trent Bridge Class Trip - 18th January 

School Closure - 17th January

Headingley/Silverstone Class Trip - 17th January

NCS - 14th January

Art Day - 14th January 

Engagements with Young People - 11th January

Sickness Bug - Ambergate & Sandon - 11th January

Free School Meals Sandon - 10th January 

Multi Sports After School Club Ambergate - Place, No Place - 10th January

Germany Trip - Place, No Place - 9th January

Multi Sports After School Club - 7th January

GCSE Access Arrangements - 3rd January

Free School Meals Ambergate - 3rd January