Feedback May 2016

 Here is a list of things that Parents feel we do well:

Routine and structure which meets my child’s needs

Small class sizes

My child feels safe at school

TA support in class is fantastic

Having the opportunity to try different things

My child loves seeing his friends and loves all the activities in school 


Here is a list of things that Parents feel we could improve on, along with our action points:

Taxi journeys can be very long, due to amount of student pick-up - unfortunately transport is arranged via Lincolnshire County Council, if parents have a specific issues regards transport they would need to contact School Transport directly

Would love more therapies - GANF has just started a trial with ‘equine therapy’ and is always looking at alternative therapies that are available, however GANF has to operate a ‘rota’ for all therapies offered in school, to ensure the service is available to as many students as possible.

Could a covered area be erected for parents to use when collecting students at the end of the day? - GANF does not currently have plans to make alterations to the front of the schools, however the comment is noted for future discussion.

Here is a selection of comments from Parents:

 “GANF has the ability to motivate my child to work!”

“My child is really happy in school”

“Communication has improved with calendars, gazettes etc”

“Tending to individual needs, all students are different”

 “Always find time to listen, talk and resolve any problems”