Feedback November 2015

Here is a list of things that Parents feel we do well:

Routine and structure which meets my child’s needs

My child feels safe and this minimizes his anxiety

My child loves the ‘Sensory Activities’ such as swimming and horse riding

The school ‘listen, empathise and understands’

Confidence building

Teacher makes lessons fun

My child loves seeing his friends and loves all the activities in school 

My child is becoming better behaved and is learning to take other people’s feelings into consideration


Communication between the tutor and home.

Here is a list of things that Parents feel we could improve on, along with our action points:

Staff; Class Teachers, have been changed again, why is this necessary?  Although we like to place teachers in classes in June, there are times throughout the year when changes need to occur.  Over the past month a few teachers have changed classes but GANF looked at their specialism to make sure they were placed in the most appropriate classes for the students.  

Would love more reflexology and sensory - GANF has to operate a ‘rota’ for all therapies offered in school, to ensure the service is available to as many students as possible.

Clarification on how the school deals with bullying - GANF does not tolerate bullying within the schools and treats every incident with the upmost importance. To ensure that all pupils are aware of the impact bullying can have, we have just run an anti-bullying week where activities have focused around what bullying is and how to deal with these situations if they arise. GANF is now also running an anti-bullying champion programme where school undertakes surveys on bullying and runs workshops with students and parents.

Here is a selection of comments from Parents:

 “My son has progressed really well – so top marks!”

“My child is really happy in school”

“My son has grown in confidence both mentally and socially”

“Friendly and supportive staff”

 “Thankful of support from the Safeguarding Team and Senior Leadership Team”