Feedback September 2014

Every Open Day we ask our parents to give us feedback on how they feel the schools are performing and whether they feel their children are happy. In September 2014, parents took part in our parent survey and we are always extremely grateful for this feedback. Parent comments will be taken into consideration when updating our School Development Plan and Communication Plans for the coming year. 

The responses have made for interesting reading and we will be working hard as we strive to improve even further.

Here is a list of things that Parents feel we do well:

Routine and stability

Really happy with the teaching in the school

A sense of belonging

Different sports that are on offer

Students feel safe in school

Students are generally well behaved and keep to school rules

Everything! I have no issues

The school is great

Cookery lessons, looking towards the future

There is always help available if needed

Meeting students’ needs that are ever changing

Polite staff 

Here is a list of things that Parents feel we could improve on, along with our action points:

My child is terrible at remembering to bring letters home – are they available on line? – GANF uses ‘Parentmail’ so all letters can be emailed out to parents

Staff changing roles which is difficult with consistency – We have recently appointed 5 new teaching staff across both sites to assist with keeping consistency in the classroom

Parking on the premises - An ongoing issue that will improve following the Beacon re-build, the police are trying to assist us, as best they can

Home/School diary system could be improved, pictures? for non-verbal students –  Where possible we endeavour to send photographic evidence home, however, you can appreciate with nearly 200 students this can be quite time consuming

Sport activities for girls – GANF has employed the services of ‘Virsco’ who are PE Specialists, they provide an all inclusive PE curriculum for both boys and girls, including activities such as dancing which they know the girls really enjoy

Improvements needed to outside play Over the summer Sandon has developed a new playground which the students are already accessing and enjoying

As most of our children are transported by bus it is very hard to support friendships outside of school – GANF are implementing two afterschool clubs which we hope will give our students the opportunity to mix socially outside the school day.


Here is a selection of comments from Parents: 


“Staff are always polite and excellent with students”

“my son is proud to be part of the school”

“I feel there is nothing the school could improve, it is fantastic”

“The school has helped in so many ways, my child is a lot calmer”

“My son is a different person since starting GANF, he feels accepted and safe, the whole family feel we have a voice and a future”

“we have an excellent rapport with the class teacher”

“we wished we had moved our child from mainstream so much earlier, thank you so much”

“I wish you were open 7 days a week!”

“I cannot thank the school enough for the progress my child has made, thank you”