What is Parentmail?


Parentmail is a system that GANF subscribes to.  

The system facilitates communication between school and parents by allowing the school to use electronic means (email and SMS text messaging) to pass information to parents/carers. 

How do I join Parentmail?

Easy...GANF will send you a Parentmail letter with a unique log-in code, just for you. Then, click on the link here: https://www.parentmail2.co.uk and click on "Create an account". Follow the instructions to set up an account. This is quick, secure and once your account is activated, you will begin to receive emails and texts from GANF, as and when they are sent out.

I have lost my Parentmail letter and unique code?

Please contact the school office or email enquiries@ganf.org.uk and we will issue you with a new code.

What do I do if my email address or mobile number change?

You need to update your details in your own Parentmail account. For example; if you have a new mobile phone number, just login to your Parentmail account, update your details and then School will be automatically informed of the change.

Do I have to receive correspondence by Parentmail?

From the schools perspective, we would like to be able to communicate with all parents using parentmail.  The reasons for this are many and include:

  • Information does not get lost enroute from school to home
  • Messaging is quick and allows us to attempt to contact parents/carers quickly in the case of emergency
  • Using electronic communications means that we do not have to print out lots of pieces of paper, many of which just get lost or thrown away.  Not having to do this, except where necessary, will save the school a significant amount which can then be fed back into supporting pupils.

I still want printed letters - what do I do?

For now, nothing.

If you are not registered with Parentmail, we will send you paper copies of correspondence. 

I do not have an email account - what do I do?

You will continue to receive paper copies of letters.